Your Privacy

We, at VaultSecureis highly committed in giving you the protection you need. We have the best security applications, so you can fully trust us. Below are the principles we follow when it comes on your rights of privacy.

Our Four Guiding Principles:

  1. #1 - We don't peek on your personal information.

    Providing protection on your personal privacy is our main goal. Unless you told us to do so, we will not look at your videos, photos, password and all the things in your device.

  2. #2 - We look at details to improve our services.

    We gather information to keep our applications running, to understand you better and to improve your work experience with us. If we share your personal information with affiliates and partners, they can only use it for the purpose of improving our services.

  3. #3 - We secure your identity.

    We at VaultSecure are careful when it comes on showing you ads from trusted business firms. We ensure that your identity is unknown when you are talking to them.

  4. #4 - We only show your data for safety and legal issues.

    We view and share your personal details only if necessary such as when it was required by the law or if ever we have concerns with regards on the potential violations that took place on our privacy policy or term of service.

And now, the legal words.

Our full Privacy Policy is below, in glorious legalese. Please ask us any questions you may have after reading it.

VaultSecure Privacy Policy

Version 2.2

March 9, 2015

VaultSecure Software Inc. ("VaultSecure") is committed to protecting your privacy. We have prepared this Privacy Policy to describe to you our practices regarding the Personal Data (as defined below) we collect from users of our site, located at ("Site") and mobile application ("App") and our Service (as defined in the Terms of Service). Capitalized terms not defined in this Privacy Policy have the meanings given in our Terms of Service located at

1. User Consent.

When you submit your personal details on our service or site, it means that you agree on the terms of our Privacy Policy and you show your consent to the use, collection and disclosure of the personal details in connection with our Privacy Policy.

2. A Message for Children.

Our website does not get personal information from visitors who are aging under 13 years old.

3. A Message to Our Users Outside the area of the United States

Your personal details may be processed and transferred in the United States. With respect to our personal date collection and processing about the people in the European Union, we comply with the European/United States Union Harbor Framework as set forth by Safe Harbor or the United States Department of Commerce and have certified our loyalty to the EU/U.S Safe Harbor Principles. For you to get more information about Safe Harbor, please visit

4. Data's We Collect.

For us, "personal data" means those data that allows an individual to contact and identify you such as your name, telephone number, address, email address and even your non-public information linked and associated with your existing data. On the other hand, an "anonymous data" means that those data that are not linked and associated with your personal data wherein it does not permit a person's individual identification. We collect both personal and personal data as stated below.

(a) The information you give us

  • we may get your personal data like your email address and password when you create an account to our network

  • when you order a service on our app or site, we are going to collect all the necessary information to successfully complete the transaction such as your name, your billing information, payment information as well as your shipping information

  • we keep your information like messages and files you store with the use of your account

  • if you contact us through an email and provide us feedback, we are going to get your name, email address and other information to send you a reply

  • When you have decided to participate in our survey, we may or may not collect additional personal data

  • when you post message on the message boards of our website or on our help forums, the information in your posting will be kept on our server and the other users will see it

  • we collect other types of personal details you give us like your product registration number, your operating system and its version and other information with regards on the service support

  • we may or may not also collect your personal details in our site that says your personal data is being gathered

(b) Information Gathered Through Technology

  • in order to make our app and site more beneficial to you, our server is going to collect information from you such as your browser type, application version, mobile device type, mobile or computer operating system, IP address, domain name and information with regards on the way you use the app as well as the date and time you used our app or visited our site

  • We also make use of URL information, cookies and mobile analytic tools in order to get the information with regards on the time and date of your use of the app and visit of the site including the details of the things you searched and viewed. Cookies is a term which means a small amount of information that a site send to the storage of your device while you are using our app or while you are viewing a web. We can use both the session cookies and the persistent cookies in order to give you interactive and a more personal experience with regards on our app and site. An information can remove persistent cookies about internet browser help file or by just clearing the specific information on the device.

(c) Information about others gathered from you

If you invite a new user to create an account, we are going to collect your name and the name of the third party as well as the email address to send an email and follow up. The third party or you can contact us at our official website to send a request of the removal of information on our database.

(d) The information gathered from social media websites

When you log in on our service using your login information from a social media website like facebook and Facebook, we can receive an anonymous or a personal data about you from the social network you have logged in according to the private policy and terms of use. For example, Facebook can share the list of your friends to us to help us in finding other users of the service that you know. We can also add the information from the information we collected from you in the service.

5. The Use of Personal Details

(a) General Use.

The personal data you send to us will be used in general to aid us in providing you better services and in responding in your request. We are going to use personal data in a compatible way along with the purpose we collected and approved by you. In general, we use personal data as follows:

  • facilitate in the security of your account

  • give improved site administration

  • improve the quality experience when you login with our website

  • send important notifications

(b) The creation of unknown data.

We exclude your information in order to make your data more personal and identifiable.

6. The disclosure of your personal information.

We disclose your personal information through third party service providers, acquisitions and affiliate and other forms of disclosure.

7. Collection of Third Party Data.

The collection of third party data is done through:

(a) Disclosing information to ad networks and analytics companies.

(b) websites of third party.

8. The choices you have with regards on your personal data

We give options when it comes on the use, collection and sharing of personal data, either by choices or by personal data changes.

9. Personal Data Security

We make use of various procedures and technologies to protect your personal data from illegal disclosures, unauthorized access and use.

10. Enforcement.

We give self-assessment every period to prove with Safe Harbor Principles that the assertions and attestations we have in our privacy policy are true.

11. Resolution of Dispute.

If ever you have complaints about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at to investigate and give the right solution to your problems.

12. Contact Information.

All the comments, suggestions and questions you have with regards our Private Policy are welcome by sending them at

13. Private Policy Changes.

Our private policy is subject for some revision. If we make some changes in using your personal details, we will let you know by sending you email. The changes will be effective as soon as possible to the new users of the service we offer. Please always remember that you are the one responsible in updating your personal data. If you do not want to have changes in the use of your personal details, please notify us as soon as the time you have deactivated the changes on your account with us. Continued use of our app, service and site which follows the notice of those changes needs to indicate your agreement and changes to be guaranteed by the private policy and terms and conditions.